Versara® Commercial Mortgage Management Software
Origination, Servicing, Accounting, Portfolio Management        


Joe Daddario


Joe has been associated with the commercial mortgage industry for over 35 years. He has extensive experience with front and back office processes from both the investment and software sides of the business. Joe has developed mortgage accounting and servicing systems for Aetna, SS&C, and Princeton Financial Systems.


Pam Dolan

Pam has 30 years experience in accounting and the mortgage software business. Prior to starting MBS, Pam spent 20 years working on the PAM for Mortgages software product. She worked on all facets of the product from, sales presentations, new client implementations, business analysis, product support, and regulatory requirements. Pam was active in forming the User Advisory Council, which forged a collaborative relationship with the client base to prioritize functional enhancements to the product.


Len Landi

Len has over 14 years of experience in the financial investment software industry. During his tenure at Princeton Financial Systems, Len was closely involved with the PAM for Mortgages system. As a PAM for Mortgages specialist Len dealt with all aspects of the core product ranging from initial contact with prospective clients to hands on support of the software.